Schulz Xtruded Products, in Tunica, MS, is a new proud member of the Schulz Group of Companies. SXP specializes in a complete range of seamless stainless pipes, `nickel-based and alloy pipes, metallurgically bonded, seamless clad pipes - known as SX-Clad - and extruded shapes/profiles for aerospace applications. Clients range from oil and gas companies, power and nuclear power plants, water treatment centers, chemical and petrochemical companies and aerospace companies.
The Schulz Group of Companies has developed a unique new process for producing a metallurgically bonded seamless clad pipe we call SX-Clad.The benefits of SX-Clad include:
SX-Clad Metallurgically Bonded,
Seamless Clad Pipes
No matter your needs, Schulz Xtruded Products can provide the perfect industrial piping for your application. Our Tunica plant is dedicated to producing both hot- and cold-finished seamless stainless steel pipe, high alloy pipe, nickel-base pipe and titanium pipe starting from 4" to 24" with a wall thickness up to Schedule 160, in lengths up to 42'. Learn More>>
  • Higher mechanical strength
  • Excellent weldability, heat transfer and thermal stability
  • Proven corrosion resistance of the NiCr family of alloys
  • Thinner walls and less weight compared to solid CRA pipes due to the higher strength of the carbon steel host pipe
  • Superior mechanical properties because both components are wrought structures
  • Easy fit-up and field welding, thanks to process control of the CRA and host dimensions. More>>



World-Class Extrusions. Worldwide Reputation
Extruded Shapes/Profiles for Aerospace Applications

Call on SXP for titanium extruded shapes/profiles for the aviation and aerospace industries. Titanium extruded shapes/profiles are widely used in the manufacture of landing gears, engine and fuselage components and various other aircraft parts. Learn More>>
extruded shape
Seamless Stainless, Nickel Base & Alloy Pipes
seamless pipe
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