Today's oil and gas pipelines and process piping are exposed to increasingly severe corrosive environments as new deepwater reserves are discovered. Extreme depth results in higher temperatures and pressures, and that puts your system under constant stress.

A Proprietary New Pipe Manufacturing Process
Drawing on our decades of experience in cold forming technology, and working in conjunction with Petrobras Brazil, the Schulz Group of Companies has developed a unique new process for producing a metallurgically bonded seamless clad pipe we call SX-Clad.

Traditionally, bi-metallic pipes have been used to combat corrosion while containing the immense pressure involved. These pipes consist of a thin, corrosion-resistant ID (CRA) pipe inside a heavier, stronger OD (host) pipe for pressure containment. Until now, bi-metallic pipes have been produced through techniques like welding roll-bonded clad plate, weld overlay of both welded and seamless pipe, and mechanically lining a host pipe with a thin, welded CRA pipe.

What makes SX-Clad special?
Schulz Xtruded Products (SXP) in Tunica, specializes in metallurgically bonded clad pipe (SX-Clad) for the oil and gas industry. This groundbreaking technique uses ultra-high pressure technology to prepare billets that, when hot extruded, form a very thin but extremely strong diffusion bond between the CRA and host pipe.

The result is a clad pipe with a corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) liner, such as Alloy 625, that is metallurgically bonded into the interior diameter of a less expensive host billet, such as X-65. The clad billet is then hot-extruded into the finished pipe, providing substantial cost savings when compared to a solid alloy or stainless pipe. SX-Clad pipe and fittings are more cost efficient and match the corrosion resistance of solid Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) pipe and fittings while providing superior mechanical properties.

A complete range of cold-formed fittings can be produced from all SX-Clad combinations 1:1 produced from standard sized SX-Clad pipe. No special dimensions and tolerances are needed as starting material for the fitting production.
The Industry’s Best Metallurgically Bonded, Seamless Clad Pipe
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SX Clad
Pipe Diameter: Current range up to 14"
Pipe Wall Thickness: Up to Schedule 160 (special thicknesses available)
Pipe Length Range: Up to length 42" (depending on O.D. and wall thickness)
Clad Pipe Thickness: Typically 2.5 mm to 4mm (0.10" to 0.16") (special thicknesses available)
Available Combinations:
Host Materials
CRA Materials
Carbon Steel
High-yield Grades
Low Alloy Steels
Stainless Steels
Chrome Moly Steels
Alloy 825
Alloy 625
And Others
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